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Protect your skin against the sun

Protect your skin against the sun

What is UV?

UV rays are split into three different kind of rays, UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC is absorbed by the ozone layer and doesn’t reach the Earth’s surface so we don’t need to worry about this when talking about protecting your skin. However UVA and UVB that can be harmful to your skin. UVA, has been linked to signs of ageing as it effects the elastin in your skin. UVB, has been linked to sunburn and malignant melanomas (cancerous skin complaints). These rays can even get through glass!

What can you do to protect from it?

Dermatologists recommend using lots of suncream, even in winter, shade and clothes to protect yourself from this.

“Sun stress in winter in the mountains becomes comparable to to a summer day at the beach” says NIVEA Expert Dr. Frank Schwanke.

However many people might find sun creams create issues for your skin, especially if you have oily or combination skin. A moisturiser with an SPF will help keep your skin safe for short journeys or if your hanging around the house without causing breakouts, such as our Ceramides Soothing & Protective Day Cream SPF 20.*

The Ceramides Soothing & Protective Day Cream combines ingredients such as Rose and Lecithin to help to defend your skin against environmental stressors, such as UV, to aim to keep your skin soft, fresh and youthful. The Ceramides and Lecithin work together to form a protective barrier around your skin whilst hydrating it.

It’s also important that you don’t try to avoid sunlight completely as your body does need Vitamin D, but your body can produce it without needing to sunbathe!

*It’s still recommended that on longer journeys or in hotter weather that you use a suncream. Don’t use this in place of suncream, especially if you suffer from rosacea or other heat related skin complaints.

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