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Ingredient Highlight - Rose

Ingredient Highlight - Rose

Pamper yourself with Rose petals this winter. As the weather’s getting colder, we need to pay more attention to our skin. Dryness is common at this time due to the temperature fluctuations as we pass from cold to hot environments in our day-to-day lives.

Combat this with something that’s been tried and tested for centuries, Rose, in all its forms.

It’s not all about the chocolate that you’d typically get with these flowers; Rose is a great anti-inflammatory, perfect for both dry and mature skin. In the past, it has been mixed with honey, sugar or even boiled into syrups to treat various personal hygiene purposes include deodorant, face creams and mouthwash. Historically physician, pharmacologist and botanist, Dioscorides, beat Rose petals into small dried balls that women would hang from their necks to tackle the smell of the day. It was also believed that Roses would stop bleeding so was used to cure bleeding gums and eyes problems. A variation of this idea is still in practice today, with Rose regularly featuring as an ingredient in deodorant. 

Today we tend to stick more to Rose oil or Rose water, for our health benefits. Packed with vitamins, Rose enriches the skin minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our most recent products; Damascan Rose Petals Revitalising Facial Serum and Damascan Rose Petals Antioxidising & Retexturing Treatment Mask are ideal to fight against signs of ageing and stress. Focused on renewing and reinforcing your skins natural brightness.

Dermatologist, Jennifer Chwalek, agrees that: ‘The most important skin benefits of Rose water are its anti-inflammatory effects, and its antioxidant effects on free radical damage,’ showing that the effects of Rose demonstrate that it can be a versatile ingredient. With these benefits in mind, ensure that it features as a key part of your winter skincare routine.

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