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Rejuvenating your skin with Glycolic Acid

Rejuvenating your skin with Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid has been named a holy grail product for your skin. It has been known for its exfoliating properties. These exfoliating properties make it incredibly helpful when it comes to rejuvenating your skin. Whether it brighter skin, retextured skin or help with acne, Glycolic Acid is the ingredient you would like to include in your skincare routine. 

Glycolic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which are derived mostly from fruit. Glycolic is mostly derived from sugar cane.

 As we get older our skin tends to lose its ability to shed. When we hit our 20s, our skin starts to lose this ability, which can then make your skin look uneven. The exfoliating properties of Glycolic Acid help the appearance of uneven skin texture. Jennifer MacGregor, M.D. Union Square Laser Dermatology says AHAs promote cell turnover, meaning that they force the skin to create new skin cells by removing the old dead ones. “You also lose some of the rough texture, so you get more skin smoothness,” says Dr Loretta Ciraldo. “Another benefit from the exfoliating is it helps with pigment.” Stronger doses of these acids can work at a deeper level and boost collagen. 

Ciraldo said that acne, “whether you’re talking about a little blackhead or a big acne cyst, if you look at it under the microscope on a skin biopsy, [it all] starts from dead cells getting plugged up within our pore.”

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