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Revive your Skin

'Tis the season for being merry…and of course the inevitable dreaded hangover. When you continually indulge in drinking and late nights, the effects can manifest in your face via dehydration, redness and inflammation. Alcohol itself irritates the skin and depletes It of natural essential vitamins and minerals. Sleepless nights add unnecessary stress to the skin resulting in increased oily skin and breakouts. 

Fight the signs of a hangover and be the envy of your friends by mastering these tips and best products for a flawless morning-after beauty look:

Cleanser – The right cleanser can clean the dirt and hangover away, revealing smooth, supple skin. “An effective cleanser is essential for a deep down clean. It’s the perfect rescue from clogged pores and dried-up mascara” – Emma Hobson, Education Manager for the International Dermal Institute. Try our Blue Volcanic Stone Purifying & Antioxidising Cleansing Gel which helps prevent breakouts and soothe irritation and is the perfect first step in your skin care regime.


Face Mask – We suggest applying a cool hydrating face mask and leaving it on for at least 20 minutes to ensure the skin fully absorbs all the beneficial nutrients. Try our Damascan Rose Petals Antioxidising & Retexturing Treatment Mask which combines cutting edge ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Rose. 


Mist -  The right skin mist can temporarily change the appearance of your skin, giving you dewy glow. Try our Hyaluronic Acid Age Fix Toning Night Concentrate Mist  which has been formulated to tone and soften skin. 


Moisture – You’ll need to rehydrate from the inside by downing plenty of water to restore some balance, obviously, but an effective moisturiser will instantly give skin a boost and improve its appearance too.

“Hyaluronic provides an instant boost of moisture and is one of the best ingredients. It can hold 1,000 times its own weight in moisture” says Emma. Try our Supreme Hyaluronic Acid Anti-oxidising DUO Moisturiser which restores your skin's natural glow during the day and night. 


So the next time you’ve woken up following a rough night, arm yourself with the above regimen and products, refresh with a glass of water and you’re ready to go!

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