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Soft Feet with Avant

Soft Feet with Avant

We all hate having dry feet. It’s unsightly and uncomfortable and after wearing sandals all summer, we may have started to notice a thick layer of rough skin which has developed on the soles of our feet. With Autumn looming, it’s the best season to soften our feet and prepare them for the cosy Winter days ahead. There’s foot scraping, foot baths and spa treatments, but getting baby soft feet needn’t be a hard or expensive task. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be fixed!

All it takes is some effective exfoliation. We’re not talking pumice stones, although this can aid in softer feet, chemical exfoliation is one of the most efficient ways to restore feet and heels into a softer smooth state. By exfoliating or removing all the thick dead skin cells, you eliminate the symptoms. With the use of certain products, both the appearance and comfort of your feet improves.

Glycolic acid is one of the most recommended ingredients by dermatologists. The application of products with this AHA loosens the skin cells so that the thick skin can be scrubbed off later.

“Chemical exfoliation means using a skin care product that softens and dissolves the thick foot skin so it's possible to actually make some progress when trying to file it off... a very strong glycolic acid cream and a miracle for rough feet” – Cynthia Bailey M.D at University of San Diego Medical School.

Avant’s Ultra Refreshing and Relaxing Foot Therapy is derived from coconut oil and glycerin, rich fatty acids, are considered as excellent emollients and skin-replenishing agents, Caprylic Capric Triglycerides help restructure, refill skin's surface and retain moisture levels. In addition, Glycolic Acid exfoliates and penetrates the skin deeply boosting its firmness whilst smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, treating dullness and oiliness for a youthful appearance. The benefits:

  •                 Lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  •                 Strengthens skin’s natural defence
  •                 Deeply hydrating

We recommend applying the product on your feet at night, and then wearing socks over it. This can then be washed off in the morning with the aid of a physical exfoliator, such as a PedEgg or Pumice Stone to buff away any additional dead skin cells. When combined with the Ultra Refreshing and Relaxing Foot Therapy, these physical exfoliating devices help speed up the process of revitalizing the skin.

Avant Tip - The key to results is continued use. After attaining the results you want, be sure to continue the daily routine. Your feet will thank you!



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