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Scent of the Summer - Quintessence

Scent of the Summer - Quintessence

Our ‘fragrance to share’ The emblematic fifth element at Avant is a perfume.

There's nothing more mood-boosting than spritzing on an exciting new scent, before stepping out into the warmer weather while flaunting your favourite outfit. Swap your Winter scent for the fresh scent of the Summer - Quintessence, this semi-oriental floral amber fragrance, sweet, warm, with an elegant powdery base harmonised with flowers and a spicy note, makes of this ‘fragrance to share’ the very essence of sophistication: A modern classic.


Its sillage is unforgettable both in its depth and its masterful style. A novel of love, rich writing, an oriental feel, expressing an assertive and sensual oneself. Quintessence has distinctive top notes of elemi, infused with mandarin which blends with the zestiness of orange blossom to bring a vibrant freshness to the top notes.


At the heart, the uplifting scent reminiscent of warm moonlit walks and Mediterranean nights when Jasmine becomes its most potent. This intoxicating and sophisticated scent begins with the heady florals of Jasmine with an unexpected twist of refreshingly sweet Orris and Plum. As for the base notes, earthy and woody Patchouly and Vanilla, Praline, White Musk create the perfect foundation for sultry scent and define and re-affirm a ‘fragrance to share’ suitable for unisex blends.


Quintessence: one of the most evocative fragrance, unforgettable for its richness as well as for the mastery of its composition. The new scent is perfect for a Summer weekend away, a holiday scent, as an every day go-to, and a few floral options you'll want to wear on a night out with your girls or a date.

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