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Beautiful Hands with Avant

Beautiful Hands with Avant

We obsess about our face and body but not nearly as much as we do for our hands! Hands are one of the most important parts of our bodies, allowing for us to feel, touch and enable the smallest to largest daily duties through out our lives. Unfortunately, we often forget about them, neglecting their condition and leaving them defenceless to the environment.

 Needless to say that the first signs of ageing are usually visible via our hands and can tell on you if you neglect them! To prevent damage and protect the skin, using a hand cream is essential to ensure a youthful appearance and softer feel. The skin on the back of your hands are more sensitive and thinner in comparison to your palm and are therefore more susceptible to ageing.

Along with everyday tasks; exposure to water, chemicals and weather temperatures are the main cause of damage to the hands.  Water is naturally drying for the skin, so something as mundane as washing up without wearing gloves can cause more harm than good. Hands can become raw, dry and are just as much of a problem for men as for women.

Hand creams have come a long way, becoming more advanced to treat a variety of skin conditions that require more than just hydration. Whether you want to firm your skin or soothe excessive dryness, there is a hand cream for all skin concerns. Make sure you look out for ingredients like Glycolic acid, Shea Butter, AHAs which will add much needed moisture and will plump the skin. “Shea butter has proven moisturising benefits and is anti-inflammatory” – Dr Daniel Glass, leading London dermatologist.


Below are 3 Avant products to rejuvenate the mitts of both men and women:

For the ultimate cleanse - The Instant Pro-Lux Hand Exfoliator is enriched with a deeply soothing scent that nourishes your hands and lower arms. Your hands will be left soft, smooth and young. Alanine aims to smooth creases and fine lines whilst providing skin surface with a flawless appearance. Besides, Bursting with skin softening and hydrating properties, Papaya aims to smooth skin texture whilst combating free radicals and preventing premature ageing.

 The Hand Nail & Cuticle Anti-Ageing Cream aims to effectively restore moisture and PH levels to the skin while promoting an effective anti-ageing treatment. Shea butter aims to work as an emollient to keep your skin young and supple. It also aims to tighten the dull, and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

For a more intensive treatment, after you have covered your hands in product, put on a pair of gloves to lock in moisture into the hands. Wait around 15 minutes, then remove the gloves and you will instantly feel the difference in your skin. Try this with the Sumptuous Glycolic Acid Hand Balm which aims to restructure and regenerate skin. Glycolic acid aims to penetrate the skin deeply boosting its firmness whilst smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, treating dullness and oiliness for a youthful appearance. Besides, Shea butter added to the formula works as an emollient to keep your skin young and supple. 

Simply using the above Avant products in conjunction with each other or even alone, can completely change the condition of your hands, so the sooner you start using a hand product, the sooner you will see results!


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