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The Importance of an Eye Cream

The Importance of an Eye Cream

I’m sure that you’ve heard it all, about how much eye creams can help to reduce signs of ageing, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and crow’s feet. But how? Why can’t we use a normal moisturiser as an eye cream?


Dermatologist Patricia Farris, MD, a clinical associate professor at Tulane University School of Medicine. "Eye creams are formulated specifically for the delicate skin around the eye, so they tend to be thicker. They contain more oil than a regular facial lotion, and they have a lot of active ingredients aimed at the problems we see around the eyes," Farris explains.


The skin around our eye area is so much more fragile and thin in comparison to the skin anywhere else on our face and body. This makes it much more fragile and prone to dryness, which means it’s a quicker area to show age and fatigue.


Did you know that even squinting, and constant movement of the eyes and eye lids can increase the appearance of lines and wrinkles?


There are so many factors which can affect the skin around the eyes. The one of the biggest being sun damage, and the BIGGEST being, well, the natural process of aging. As we age, the production of collagen in our skin decreases.


But how do we reduce all of this? Eye creams contain important ingredients which are excellent for feeding the skin under the eyes, such as Vitamin C, peptides, and retinol. These actives have all been known and proven to boost elastin and collagen production.


Some other excellent ingredients which helps to moisturise the thin skin around our eyes is ceramide and hyaluronic acid. They both help to prevent water loss in the skin and improve elasticity.


Dark circles, unfortunately can be developed due to our genes, as well a build-up of blood under the eyes due to age or stress. However, vitamin C can help to thicken the skin and conceal these dark circles with persistent use after about 6 months. The puffiness that is also present from the build-up of blood under the eyes can be reduced by eye creams rich in caffeinated actives.


When looking for your perfect eye cream, make sure you are looking for one with these active ingredients, as well as choosing one that would cater to your specific needs


And don’t forget there is a correct way to apply an eye cream! You must be gentle with the skin around the eyes, using a delicate touch. You don’t need too much, just a pea-sized amount should do, and it’s best to use the ring finger for application which naturally has a lighter touch.

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