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Regenerate and Tighten your skin

Regenerate and Tighten your skin

You can keep your skin looking great through the right kind of regime you use. To regenerate and tighten your skin, you might wish to consider a regime that contains certain ingredients known for their abilities to increase the way in which your skin regenerates or helps to keep your skin looking tight, such as Hyaluronic Acid or Collagen or try this regime.

Step One: Cleanse

It’s incredibly important to always cleanse your skin. It works to draw out any impurities or nasty things your skin comes across during the day. This step is necessary because when you use other products such as moisturisers, you aren’t drawing anything into your skin that might cause issues in the future. 

Try using our Dynamic Salicylic Acne & Blemish Battling Cleanser, that works to remove makeup, impurities and excess oil without disturbing your skin’s natural moisture balance. It contains Salicylic Acid which aims to purify your skin whilst unblocking your pore and eliminating excess sebum. "AHAs work well on the skin's surface to loosen old, dead skin and reveal fresh newer skin," says Ron Robinson, a cosmetic chemist. "Salicylic acid works deeper [and is] able to penetrate into the pores to unclog them." 

Step Two: Tone

Another important step is toning your skin. Toners generally are used as an additional cleaning agent after you’ve cleaned your skin. It can get rid of things that your cleanser has missed or the residue left over by your cleanser. In addition to restoring your skin’s natural pH. During the summer months, Toners can be particularly helpful in handling breakouts that can be caused by anything that can clog your pores like sweat and sunblock. 

Step Three: Moisturiser

Keeping your skin moisturised is key in looking after your skin, especially if you have dry or mature skin. In order to keep your skin looking firm and young, your skin requires moisture and a way in which to retain it. This is due to the fact that unfortunately as we age, our skin becomes less able to retain moisture. As a result, this can cause fine lines and wrinkles or sagging skin. 

In order to combat try our Profusion Algae Revitalising & Firming Anti-Pollution Day Cream. It works to not only increase your skin’s firmness but also protect your skin from the environment. It adapts to your level of exposure and safeguards your skin internally and externally from UV rays. During the day, Dermatologists always recommend that you use sun cream. It's the best line of defence for your skin against signs of ageing. When you work this day cream and sun cream together, you might notice that your skin is not only plumper but also protected by environmental stressors. 

Or at night, you can use our Profusion Algae Regenerative & Tightening Anti-Pollution Night Treatment, to gently soothe your skin. It contains Euglena gracilis, Propanediol and Hyaluronic Acid that all work together to tone and firm your skin as well as helping to keep your skin soft and smooth.

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