the power of decluttering your space and mind

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Harness the power of decluttering your life! It’s time for a Spring clean and this year let’s be ruthless. 

Decluttering not only gives you space and freedom, it also helps you reshape your life around what truly matters to you, no distractions.

“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life”

- Marie Kondo, Author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying 

Living in a cluttered space creates stress. So, if you’re holding onto items that used to be significant to you, ask yourself if you truly believe these belongings deserve to take up space in your home anymore. 

The power of decluttering

A cluttered space creates a messy mind. It represents a lack of focus on what is important and meaningful to you. 

Decluttering is not simply about the aesthetic effect; an organised life begins with an organised home. 

Purging old belongings shows a commitment to the future. You are able to create space for the life ahead of you, and let go of the past.

How to be ruthless 

1. Tackle Categories 

Group your belongings into categories, like clothes, books, cosmetics, trinkets etc. Sort through each one gradually, starting with the easiest and working your way up to items of sentimental value. 

2. Positive Purge

When sorting through your items, ask yourself which items you truly want to keep rather than which you want to throw away. This way you’ll be tailoring your space to your own happiness. 

Marie Kondo’s “Does this bring me joy?’ test is a perfect way of eliminating belongings that no longer bring you happiness. 

3. Respect your Belongings

When you commit yourself to respect your belongings, folding them neatly, displaying them on shelves, you refuse to stuff and store your belongings in tight spaces. Thus, creating a more open and decluttered space. 

4. Nostalgia is a Trap

Don’t get too hung up on nostalgia, keeping items simply because they brought you joy in the past does not mean they are serving you now.

Declutter your skincare

Living the minimalist lifestyle also means decluttering your skincare routine. 

Instead of hoarding products, invest in luxury skincare which is tailored to your specific skin concerns. 

Declutter your skincare shelf for a happier and healthier complexion. 

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