say goodbye to dry hands: five ways to take care of your hands during the pandemic

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At a time when our life feels out of our hands, washing our hands is one of the only ways we can take control and protect ourselves. 

However, excessive hand washing is leaving our skin dry and cracked which actually makes us more vulnerable to infection. 

“Repetitive hand-washing can damage the integrity of the skin as a barrier, stripping away natural oils and causing hands to become dry, sore and irritated. If you have damaged the skin it becomes less effective as a barrier against infection so moisturising is essential.”

- Dr Susan Mayou, Consultant Dermatologist, Cadogan Clinic 

Don’t stop washing to relieve the symptoms, washing our hands is key in preventing the spread of infection. Instead, follow these tips to prevent irritation whilst still maintaining frequent washing. 

Five Ways to Take Care of Your Hands During the Pandemic: 

1. Emollients are your friends 

Emollients are life savers when it comes to dry skin, they fill the cracks in between skin cells with lipids, soothing and softening irritation. 

They also help restore the skins natural barrier, retaining moisture and protecting the skin from infection. 

Shea butter, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Almond oil and Squalane are natural emollients which work wonders on dry skin.

2. Moisturise before applying sanitiser 

This will protect your hands from the harsh anti-bacterial ingredients in hand sanitiser. 

3. Use an anti-microbial hand-wash 

Traditional soap can often dehydrate the skin, leaving it irritated after frequent use. 

Invest in hand wash which contain emollients such as Shea butter or Jojoba oil. Products containing Aloe vera are also deeply soothing for the skin. 

4. Wear gloves when washing up 

Ensure you wear gloves when cleaning around the house, particularly when washing up as the cleaning products can cause further irritation. 

5. Create your own hand mask 

Cover your hands in a thick layer of emollient rich moisturiser, then put on gloves to hold in the product. 

Leave on for fifteen minutes to give your hands the nourishment and care they deserve. 

Top Avant Products for Dry Hands: 

The Sumptuous Glycolic Acid Hand Balm aims to restructure and regenerate the skin. 

The Hand Nail & Cuticle Anti-Ageing Cream aims to effectively restore moisture and PH levels to the skin while promoting an effective anti-ageing treatment. 

The Instant Pro-Lux Hand Exfoliator is enriched with a deeply soothing scent that nourishes your hand, leaving them soft and smooth.  


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