here are 5 ways to protect your skin against blue light

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Did you know that the light given off by your phone screen could be harming your skin?

Blue light was once only present in natural sunlight, but is now emitted by digital screens.

While it can have a positive influence on your alertness and memory, there are also a few negative side effects you should be aware of. As well as messing with your sleep cycle and damaging your eyes, blue light rays can cause damage and discolouration of the skin, as well as weakening its surface. 

To ensure blue light isn’t affecting your skin, here are five ways to protect against it.


1. Up the antioxidants 

‘The use of products with antioxidants and vitamin C help minimise damage from blue light as well as possibly repair skin.’ - Dermatologist Ainah Tan, MD, FAAD 

Avant’s Blue Volcanic Stone Purifying & Antioxydising Cleansing Gel is perfect for evening out any hyperpigmentation or unevenness caused by blue light. It’s packed full of antioxidants and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. 

2. Check your phone settings 

Most smartphones now have settings you can tweak to adjust the amount of blue light they give off. Swapping to night mode will not only be easier on the eyes, but more gentle on the skin too. 

3. Adjust your nighttime skincare 

Make sure you adjust your skincare after a blue light filled day to give your skin the pamper it needs. For a dose of vitamins A and E, as well as deep hydration to soothe any existing damage, try our Moisture Surge Overnight Treatment. 

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    Moisture Surge Overnight Treatment

    The Moisture Surge Overnight Treatment aims to treat and intensively re-hydrate to give skin a healthier appearance.

4. Think about your diet 

Your skin isn’t the only thing that deserves a good old dose of antioxidants. Start your morning with a green tea, and feast on berries throughout the day to fight that blue light from the inside out. 

5. Make SPF your best friend 

If SPF isn’t already part of your daily skincare routine then it’s time to change it up. Our featherlight Ceramides Soothing & Protective Day Cream SPF 20 is certain to give you coverage from natural and artificial blue light alike. 


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