Four Reasons Why Rose Is Your Skincare Saviour This Winter

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Over the last few years, you may have heard about the comeback queen ingredient – rose extract. It may be considered as one of the oldest ingredients in the book, but it’s a trusty faithful, helping to make skin act younger and feel fresher.

Packed with anti-inflammatory properties and essential fatty acids, this superhero ingredient provides a multitude of beauty benefits to any skin type. 

"Rose extracts are some of the best anti-inflammatory and scar reducing ingredients out there,” explains Dana Murray, licensed esthetician. “They reduce redness and calm the skin. Plus since they have astringent and antibacterial properties, they are especially wonderful for people with oily and acne-prone skin types. Rose extracts are high in vitamin C so they help to stimulate collagen and are high in vitamin E so it’s very moisturizing."

Here are 4 great reasons why rose should be the go-to ingredient you include in your skincare routine.


At this time of the year, the central heating is on full blast and the outdoor climate is in freeze mode. This leads to increased dryness, flakiness and long winter for your skin. Rose extract is a mega-moisture makeover, helping to hydrate and protect your skin. Try our Gentle Rose Beautifying Face Exfoliant for smoother looking skin, finished off with your our favourite day or night cream to lock in moisture. Don’t forget, our lips get dry too! Our Velvet Protecting Rose Sugar Lip Scrub is the perfect sweet treat to leave your lips feeling silky soft.




Redness begone! Renowned for its miracle-working anti-inflammatory properties, rose is the ideal ingredient to help reduce skin sensitivity, uneven tones, and redness. The change of season can be a common contender for skin flare-ups so it’s the perfect time of the year to incorporate rose within your daily routine. Hyaluronic acid can hold 1,000 times its own weight in water, which is exactly why our ultra-gentle Rose Radiance Anti-ageing Hyaluronic Eye Serum is your new skincare sidekick. Not only is it moisturising, but it’s the perfect match to help soothe and calm puffy eyes. Combine with our Rose Squalene Revitalising DUO Moisturiser to instantly revitalise and calm reactive skin.




As we head into winter (actually, all year round!), our skin needs an extra layer of armor to protect against the stress of UV and pollution damage that can age our skin. Although the sun may appear to be on vacation, this doesn’t mean that your skin is free from harm. Brimming with high levels of vitamin c, Rose’s powerful antioxidant action protects against the effects of free radicals that our skin is exposed to daily and kickstarts skin regeneration. This miracle ingredient is enriched with essential fatty acids to deeply nourish and smooth fine lines. For the ultimate triple threat, try our Age Prestige Antioxidising Detoxifying Rose Serum, Damascan Rose Petals Revitalising Facial Serum and Harmonious Rose Quartz Revitalising Firming Mask to help remove impurities, purify pores and speed up the process for youthful-looking skin.


The days may look gloomy but your skin doesn’t have to! Winter can leave your skin feeling dull and in need of a refreshed rosy tone. Shine bright like a diamond and get your glow on by adding rose into your skincare for a brighter complexion. Refresh throughout the day with our PH Balancing Brightening Rose Infusion Day Mist (A.K.A the handbag essential you didn’t know you needed), for a luminous skin boost. As an extra special weekly addition, indulge in our luxurious Damascan Rose Petals Antioxidising Retexturing Treatment Mask for radiant and petal-soft skin. 


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