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30ml - A light serum that works formulated with signature ingredients and actives to cool, firm and protect your skin. It works as a skin barrier against pollution. Besides, it aims to even the...

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30ml - A light serum with a combination of the Purest Hyaluronic Acid and the highest concentration of Matrixyl in the market that works to cool, firm and protect your skin.

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50ml - A complementary step to your skincare regime, with high performance. It aims to intensively hydrate and make your skin feel more soothed and confortable, whilst lessening wrinkles and fine...

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30ml Infused with brightening and illuminating signature ingredients for a visibly radiant and healthy skin. 

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30ml Designed to combat free radicals and protects against the pollution. It is formulated to redefine the skin texture thanks to powerful hydrating ingredients. 

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30ml - Infused with powerful restoring and regenerating ingredients for flawless skin. It is ideal for oily skin, overworked skin, weakened skin texture.

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30ml - Aims to firm up your skin and fill the gaps, keeping your skin youthful and glowing from every angle. Combat multiple signs of aging with our revolutionary anti-aging cream that delivers...

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The Instant Radiance and Anti-Ageing Gel Charmer Gold & Bronze is a particularly innovative gel texture, rich in micro gold and bronze pearl particles. Applied, this formula is rapidly...

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The Age Prestige Antioxidising & Detoxifying Rose Serum, part of the Age Nutri-Revive collection of Avant Skincare, has been specifally designed to remove impurities, boosting radiance while...